Warranty Repair

All car audio components we sell come with a manufacturer’s warranty. All have at least a one-year warranty and some warranties are extended when installed by an authorized dealer like us. We are an authorized dealer for JL Audio, Pioneer, Kicker and Focal.
We are also proud to be an authorized Retail Specialist for Alpine. All Alpine car audio components purchased from us and, when installed by us carry a two year warranty.
If there is ever a problem with car audio products purchased from us, we will contact the manufacturer and take appropriate action to get the issue resolved. Most speakers are simply replaced on the spot while within the warranty period. Most electronics however are repaired. But leave all that to us as we will pull the product, ship it off for repair and reinstall it when it returns. Here’s the good news – the companies we do business with build very reliable car audio equipment which means it’s highly unlikely that you will experience a problem in the first place.

Non Warranty Repair

Though we don’t repair broken audio components, we do have experience and knowledge of 12 volt electronics and trouble-shooting techniques to assess a variety of problems that you may have encountered with your current audio system.
For example: Perhaps a speaker or two are no longer producing sound of any kind. This can be caused by,   A:  Dead speakers   B: Defective outputs from your amplifier or head unit or   C:  Broken or disconnected wire.  Fairly quickly we can figure out which scenario is causing you grief and either fix the problem or advise you to new products to solve this issue.

Another example:  Let’s say your radio doesn’t light up. We can check to see if the radio has power to it or not. If it doesn’t, we can figure out why – and resolve the issue. If it does have power, that means the radio has bigger issues and needs to be repaired or replaced with a new one. We will gladly help you pick out a new one, which in today’s world of rapidly-changing technologies is usually the most viable option.
Troubleshooting and repair issues are best served with an appointment with our installation department which is open Monday-Saturday from 8:30am – 5:00pm. Call us at 707- 445-3283